Yes, it is award season! And the fabulous e a m harris has nominated me for the versatile blogger award which makes me a verrrrrrrrrrry happy bitchpig! Check out her site, it is all literary and poetic and clever and lovely. Guess what the best thing is about the Versatile Blogger Award?? Whoop! Whoop! A nomination equals an award! How cool is that?! There are some rules to follow…I must nominate 15 others for this most illustrious award 🙂 So…blogs nominated by me and reasons why, in no particular order….

Passion for truths – name says it all 🙂

Pride in madness – again, name says it like it is!

Democracy for Burma – educational

Moments with Millie – I spend more than moments on Millie’s site, I feel like I know her. You’ll find fresh air and sunshine here 🙂

Be Inspired Live – Inspirational

herGenius – Anyone who blogs about Siri Hustvedt I am a fan of, a shared taste is a fine thing

John’s Consciousness – Yum

Springwolf Reflections – “Author and Teacher of Pagan Metaphysics” – Intriguing, no?

Mycinemaparadiso – celebrates magical movies 🙂

beinthemoments – a cheese grater/earring holder!

londonlifeblog – because I miss London

flibitygibity – random and eclectic

Creatologue – Yum, creativity

Mr Schenk – A new find and current favourite blog, am still pondering over his post on inhibition days later

I got a story like that – Love it love it love it!

Hope you enjoy as much as me, raaaaaaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhhh, yay, YAY!

About love


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  1. bitchpig says:

    Oh yes and the requisite 7 things about me:
    I love aardvarks, I live in Thailand, I’m scared of being depressed again, I’m in love with love, I’m a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, I do a cracking Lady Macbeth AND while I really appreciate avocados and mangoes, I find them scarily slimy. x


  2. Thanks for the mention… 🙂


  3. ssfjones says:

    Thanks for nominating mycinemaparadiso! Much appreciated and glad that you enjoy.


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