Yes, it is award season! And the fabulous e a m harris has nominated me for the versatile blogger award which makes me a verrrrrrrrrrry happy bitchpig! Check out her site, it is all literary and poetic and clever and lovely. Guess what the best thing is about the Versatile Blogger Award?? Whoop! Whoop! A nomination equals an award! How cool is that?! There are some rules to follow…I must nominate 15 others for this most illustrious award :) So…blogs nominated by me and reasons why, in no particular order….

Passion for truths – name says it all :)

Pride in madness – again, name says it like it is!

Democracy for Burma – educational

Moments with Millie – I spend more than moments on Millie’s site, I feel like I know her. You’ll find fresh air and sunshine here :)

Be Inspired Live – Inspirational

herGenius – Anyone who blogs about Siri Hustvedt I am a fan of, a shared taste is a fine thing

John’s Consciousness – Yum

Springwolf Reflections – “Author and Teacher of Pagan Metaphysics” – Intriguing, no?

Mycinemaparadiso – celebrates magical movies :)

beinthemoments – a cheese grater/earring holder!

londonlifeblog – because I miss London

flibitygibity – random and eclectic

Creatologue – Yum, creativity

Mr Schenk – A new find and current favourite blog, am still pondering over his post on inhibition days later

I got a story like that – Love it love it love it!

Hope you enjoy as much as me, raaaaaaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhhh, yay, YAY!

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About love

This is what I put up here when I started this blogging malarkey: "Until it got too bad...being out of work...the creative frustration...30 looming...being out of was amazing, being an actor. ("But surely you're an actress?!" "It's gender free darling!") Such great stories and my god, I barely made it off the fringe. Could never be arsed grooming myself for commercial castings thus pissing off agents, too insecure to believe I was funny, really REALLY bad at all accents bar my own but my god, such fun. Love theatrics? Need theatrics? Read on and enjoy xxx" ......It's been over a year and I've kinda run out of stories about embarrassing auditions and disastrous acting gigs. Kinda writing about anything I want now, meditation, letting go, love, aardvarks. That sort of stuff. And I overshare. In a theatrical way. That's a given! Welcome to my oversharing :)

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  1. bitchpig says:

    Oh yes and the requisite 7 things about me:
    I love aardvarks, I live in Thailand, I’m scared of being depressed again, I’m in love with love, I’m a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, I do a cracking Lady Macbeth AND while I really appreciate avocados and mangoes, I find them scarily slimy. x


  2. Thanks for the mention… :)


  3. ssfjones says:

    Thanks for nominating mycinemaparadiso! Much appreciated and glad that you enjoy.


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